JVA Initiative

Welcome to the JVA Initiative. The vision of the JVA Initiative is to promote international public awareness and enhance the impact of Professor John Vincent Atanasoff’s landmark achievements in developing the first electronic digital computer that laid the foundation of modern computing.

The mission of the JVA Initiative is:

1. Make known to the world JVA’s seminal work in conceiving and developing the first working proof-of-concept electronic digital computer.
2. Cultivate and foster innovations by  scientists, engineers and mathematicians in the modern world of computing, in the same spirit as JVA radiated during his years at ISU as a Physics professor and inventor.
3. Identify innovative computing technologies that helped change the society and benefit humanity in an unparalleled or substantial way, and recognize the corresponding inventors/developers.
4. Create a permanent interaction space to facilitate brainstorming, collaborating, and socializing in a persistent and lasting fashion to build a broad JVA family throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy browsing the information provided here. We will add information, videos, and other files as they come available to us. Any questions or comments about the JVA Initiative or this website can be sent to Dr. Carl K. Chang at chang@iastate.edu.